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Veterinary program offers loans to graduating veterinarians

SPRINGFIELD – The agriculture industry could always use more veterinarians in Illinois.

That’s the motivation behind the organization’s Illinois Veterinary and Training program, or IVET program, which provides a $40,000 loan that is paid back five years after graduation from vet school.

Chet McClure is in the second year of vet school and is an IVET participant. He’s hoping to practice in east-central Illinois.

“Myself and my fiancee are both from east-central Illinois and we plan to be able to come back to the area,” McClure explained. “I think I want to go in an be a practice owner eventually.”

McCLure noted he’s been involved in some work with a number of doctors to get a sense of how he can help in east-central Illinois.

“I’m working with some doctors now over in the Paxton, Rantoul area that, great guys, they say the area is a great place to work,” said McClure. “I think that would be a great opportunity for me to come in and be a food-animal practicing veterinarian.”

The program is geared toward those vet students that are going into production animal medicine.

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