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New Teletechnology Offers Real-Time Guidance for Veterinary Teams

Telehealth is an increasingly important topic in veterinary medicine. And while it is most commonly thought of as a link between veterinary professionals and their clients, that notion may be broadening.

Hodei Technology, a developer of mobile, real-time remote telepresence communication solutions, believes that telemedicine should also educate, enable and empower the entire veterinary team.

Enter Aliquis Telepresence — a newly formed division of Hodei Technology focused exclusively on bringing a new teletechnology communications platform to the veterinary industry. Aliquis Telepresence promises to enhance veterinary patient care by offering live, on-demand connectivity in virtually any setting.

The company’s HCview GEMINI, currently available in the human medical market, features first-person point-of-view technology — made possible by its proprietary and patented Google Glass technology — that can link remote specialists with the front end of care.