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Govt eyeing growth of poultry industry

With an aim to encourage people in rural areas of the state to increase per capita consumption of poultry eggs and poultry meat, the government is promoting low input technology poultry birds for backyard farming as a part of poultry development.

Under low input technology birds scheme, a provision is made for the supply of grown-up 2500 backyard poultry birds units of Rs 2,000 per unit in all the talukas of the state through government poultry farm, states the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services (AHVS) performance budget 2017-18.

The department also runs a rural backyard poultry development component for below poverty line families for setting up poultry units with low input technology birds of 15 numbers with feed. Assistance is provided for setting up of backyard poultry production unit limited to Rs 2,100 per unit including cost

Under the backyard poultry scheme, only 14 farmers have registered to avail of the benefits; however, when asked the department officials claimed that though the number of farmers registered for the scheme is just 14, by end of the financial year the number goes up to 200.

“For poultry related schemes we are receiving a good response. These schemes of the department are a continuous process,” said Dr. Santosh Desai, the director of AHVS.

The department has planned to strengthen the existing infrastructure of government poultry farm at Ela, Old Goa in order to give training to the poultry farming community with the latest technology and to give demonstration to the farmers in efficient managerial

The department is also emphasising on increasing the production of eggs and poultry meat by providing quality chicks and hatching eggs and also extending financial assistance to farmers for setting up of poultry units.

Currently, the government poultry farm has a stock of 13604 high-quality birds which include commercial Babcock and low input technology birds of Vanaraja and Grampriya

Hybrid chicks and hatching eggs produced in the farm are supplied to farmers at a reasonable price. Under the assistance to farmers for establishment of poultry unit, provision is made to provide subsidies for the establishment of poultry unit. The poultry farmers are provided a subsidy at 25 percent of the cost subject to a maximum of Rs 15,000 for small poultry units of 500 broilers or 1000 layers. A subsidy of 25 percent cost of the plant and machinery is granted to the modern poultry units to a maximum of Rs 2 lakh.

In order to give boost to poultry sector, the department provides subsidy of Rs 200 per metric tonne to the farmers for transport of poultry feed from outside the

The department also has a provision for cash subsidy for birds or cages by providing cages costing Rs 12,000 per farmer to rear 100 birds and cash incentive of Rs 1,500 to the farmers to rear 100 birds.