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Pashudhan, an initiative by Natural Remedies, is an astute monthly journal on animal healthcare. This magazine covers topics ranging from poultry, dairy, pets and livestock industry to news updates and analysis on topical issues of national and international importance in animal husbandry. It is a mouthpiece for the veterinarians and animal caregivers.

Pashudhan has an extensive readership, with 10, 000 copies printed every month. It is widely circulated among the policy makers, vet industry, research and academic institutions, rural and urban healthcare institutions, farmers, animal husbandry experts and other stake-holders involved in animal caregiving. With that in mind, Pashudhan is now going digital-only. This will help keep our readers safe in unprecedented times while allowing them to gain access to the field case studies, success stories and industry expert views, anytime, anywhere.

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When it comes to finding the right job, having the right resources is something that is significant. While we all know the basics about looking up a right role, preparing a prim resume, applying and following up, what we lack is effective guidance to land that ideal role we have been eyeing.

This is where VetJobsIndia’s career tool comes to the rescue. By the means of our insights, tips and tricks on resume building and preparing for the interview, we make job hunting in the veterinary industry a breeze for you. On our career tool, you can find articles covering interview tips, resume tips and samples, career guidance, directory of veterinary institutions in India and tools to check resumes.

Our experts will discuss job search tactics to help increase your chances of getting past an applicant tracking system and moving to the interview stage to help you sail ahead in your career.

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Far much that one rank beheld bluebird after outside ignobly allegedly more ...


Far much that one rank beheld bluebird after outside ignobly allegedly more ...


Far much that one rank beheld bluebird after outside ignobly allegedly more ...

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